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I Like PHP because of many reasons but i would like to point out few of them. It is very easy to learn and quick to pickup. The first programming language that comes to mind when any one thinks of a career in web development is PHP. One can use local system for development purpose before going into production or making the web application live. With the use of WAMP or XAMP makes the development really fast and makes the life easier for programmers to make the web application on localhost and test the major parts of it. Although there will be some issues when making the website live because of the localhost environment and the live server environment but the main logic of the application is implemented rapidly. PHP has flexibility for databases, it can connect to most of the popular databases available out of which most common is MySQL. PHP is being used as programming language for most of the available websites currently live in the world. The most widely used CMS is also developed in PHP which is known as Wordpress. PHP is also part of the many programming languages used to developed the most famous Social Networking website Facebook and many many others. ILIKEPHP.com has been developed so that i can share my knowledge and experience with my most liked programming language with all of those who want to learn and also for those who have experienced with it. My main purpose of this website will be to make you fall in love with PHP.

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